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If you have been injured while at work, you may be uncertain about your rights or options at this time. At Randy M. Elmer, Attorney at Law, PC, we have devoted our practice to advocating on behalf of injured workers throughout Oregon. Our Salem workers’ compensation attorney can handle all types of workers’ compensation matters throughout Salem and other locations statewide.

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How Our Salem Workers’ Compensation Firm Can Help You

Workers’ compensation is a very complex area of the law. Knowing when you are and are not entitled to financial compensation – regardless of what an employer may say – will require the guidance and counsel of an experienced attorney. If you were injured while conducting a work-related task, then you could be eligible to receive compensation for things like medical care and treatment.

Due to the complexities of the law, filing a claim on your own could mean that you do not receive the full benefits to which you are entitled. For this reason, it will be worth speaking with us before taking action on your own. If your claim is not thoroughly prepared, your claim could be in jeopardy of denial. As a leader in workers’ rights for Oregonians, we can be trusted to advocate on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Call us at 503.563.7035to learn more about your rights as an injured worker. We proudly offer free consultations.

“We Are Working People Representing Working People.”

If you or someone you love is currently involved in a complex workers’ compensation claim, your choice in legal representation will matter. At our firm, practicing law is not just a job. It is a privilege. We are passionate about what we do and we represent our clients with genuine conviction.

As working people ourselves, we identify with our clients. We always act compassionately as we deliver legal, administrative, and if necessary, legislative solutions for our clients. We apply our thorough understanding of injury law - we literally wrote and influenced parts of it - to your claim, we can ensure you reach the best possible outcome. With our experience, we can be honest with you from the beginning. We do not need to overpromise you anything.

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