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The effects of a car accident or workplace injury cannot be overestimated. Every year, thousands of Oregon residents are involved in a number of accidents that can cause injuries, financial hardships, and emotional losses. In order to ensure that you are compensated in a manner that covers medical expenses, loss of wages, damage to property, and more, having a skilled attorney on your side is essential.

At the Salem, Oregon-based law office of Elmer & Brunot, PC, our Salem injury lawyers will hold responsible parties accountable and help our clients win compensation after an accident.

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We help clients file lawsuits in the following personal injury cases:

What are the Statute of Limitations in Oregon?

The state of Oregon requires most personal injury claims to be filed within 2 years of the accident in question. Fortunately, the state also provides exceptions for cases that involve minors, those in which an injury is not discovered until later, instances of medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims.

Typically, the clock starts ticking the moment an accident or injury occurs. If the victim is under 18-years-old, however, the time will not begin “tolling” until their 18th birthday. This gives individuals who are injured as minors a chance to pursue justice for themselves, assuming their parents or legal guardians did not file a claim on their behalf at the time of the accident.

What if You Discover Your Injury After the Accident?

Those who discover an injury after their accident takes place will have 2 years from the moment they realize they were injured to file a claim. This is especially valuable in cases of whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, which can appear minor at first but become severe enough to warrant a personal injury claim later on.

Delayed discovery is also common in medical malpractice cases, where a patient may not discover a retained object or other error until complications arise. Even in medical malpractice cases, though, the maximum amount of time a plaintiff has to file a claim is 5 years from the time of the inciting incident.

How Long Do You Have to File a Wrongful Death Claim?

If you lose a loved one, the loss will be obvious immediately, but Oregon allows a little more than 2 years to file a wrongful death claim. Still, bereaved family members must file within 3 years of their loved one’s death.

What if You Miss the Cutoff?

Anyone who misses the cutoffs outlined above may lose the ability to sue and recover damages for their injuries and/or losses. To stay within the statute of limitations or determine whether or not an exception applies to you, contact our attorneys today.

You should also remember that offering statements to or negotiating with insurance companies can jeopardize your claim. Always consult with our firm before taking the next step in your case.

Do you have more questions about personal injury?

Visit our personal injury FAQ page for more information.

Contact a Salem Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

With access to a free consultation and a contingency fee-based payment structure, meeting with one of our Salem injury lawyers is an easy first step to take if you have been injured. Our lawyers have successfully asserted and protected the rights of thousands of Oregon residents. Whether you have a claim directly against a driver, an employer, or multiple parties or if you are seeking compensation from a third party claim, our firm may be able to help you win damages to cover your losses.

For the assistance you are looking for, contact our Salem personal injury lawyers at Elmer & Brunot, PC, for a free case consultation. Call us now at (503) 563-7035.

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